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ESR 07 WP2.2 Subject: Coupled radiation effects on emerging power devices

New power device technologies (SiC, GaN, smart power) are very promising. However, a lot has still to be done to address the new degradation mechanisms of wide band gap power technologies. This study is essential to address the technological evolution of next generation on-board satellite power systems. The PhD work will investigate both the sensitivity to radiation (mixed field) of COTS power technologies (silicon, wide band gap, smartpower) and the impact of radiation-induced degradation on the time-to-end of functionality of the global system. This work aims at determining if, besides their appealing electrical performance, next generation power devices can meet the space applications’ requirements in terms of radiation behaviour. Devices under investigations will come from four different technologies: Si, SiC, GaN and smart power (including both driver logic and power stages). Very few or no results of the coupled aging and radiation effects exists for innovative power technologies. This ESR will profit from the basic mechanism analysis of ESR4 and its findings will be incorporated in ESR’s 15 guideline.

Beneficiary: University of Montpellier
Supervision: Prof. Antoine Touboul